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Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

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2014 Gold Medal Winner--Readers' Favorite Int'l Contest/Historical Romance--ABBY: MAIL ORDER BRIDE

My perfect day: coffee shop; laptop; latte; characters demanding their stories be told; a plot that comes together; and hours to live in an alternate reality.

Seriously, I have always loved reading, and now I love writing. As a preteen, I devoured Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Mysteries, but when I reached my teens, the romance genre became my favorite and that has never changed. After years of procrastinating, I decided to try my hand at writing and I've been doing so with a passion ever since. I have written over thirty novels and novellas in the romance genres of fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, contemporary western, and historical western. Because I hate saying goodbye to characters who have lived with me for months, I usually create a series so they can be revisited from book to book.

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